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A unique combination of expertise


is the result of the association of an owner’s representative, an operator and an insurance broker. This is a unique combination of three complementary knowledges in order to provide the most realistic aeronautic risk analysis worldwide. ZEBRA INSURANCE SOLUTION is the independent and reliable choice to protect the fluidity and sustainability of aeronautic operations.



Based on a global network, ZEBRA INSURANCE SOLUTIONS is able to design tailor made insurance programs. Our strength is to find the best insurance solution adapted to specific flight plans instead of looking for a standardized coverage, and to select first class insurance partners providing absolute financial security.



ZEBRA INSURANCE SOLUTIONS’ expertise and experience enables us to provide first class tailored aviation insurance solutions to mitigate the risks an aircraft may face. As each owner or operator has specific needs, we work closely with both insurers and insured parties to provide a flexible underwriting and a fast and efficient claim-handling service.

A key to our approach is the capability to identify specific risks. Through their experience, activity and Network, ZEBRA INSURANCE SOLUTIONS’s founders have the capacity to get immediate knowledge of a situation in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the actual risks and how to protect oneself against it.

ZEBRA INSURANCE SOLUTIONS is the missing link between Insurers and on field reality, providing real time accurate information on airports and risk situation in most countries through the network of owners, operators, and customers on site, on top of ZEBRA INSURANCE SOLUTIONS management’s accumulated experience of these regions.

Alexis de Maistre 

Co-Founder, Managing Director

After graduating from a Law Master’s degree specialized in Transportation, Alexis trained within an indemnification service in order to have the best understanding of an Insurer’s job and it’s specificities.

After that, Alexis was in charge of insuring transported goods before focusing on the aeronautical sector, what enabled him develop an expertise in the transportation market and more precisely air transportation of persons and goods.

Enthusiast for the commercial challenge and the technicity of aeronautics, Alexis was naturally driven towards Insurance brokerage and the management of a business unit specialized in aviation.

The quest of permanent availability and excellency in services rendered have conducted Alexis to join the adventure of the creation of ZEBRA INSURANCE SOLUTIONS, the unique Insurance Broker providing technical and commercial excellency strong of its flexibility and expertise.

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