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Every single Aviation operation has its unique risk profile. ZEBRA INSURANCE SOLUTIONS provides a case by case approach to suit individual needs.

Starting point for every case is the capacity to identify the risk exposure. Strong of its experience and network – owners, manufacturers and client’s feedback – ZEBRA INSURANCE SOLUTIONS has the expertise to find the right solution for Insurer’s and policy holders.

Taking concrete actions to mitigate risks, finding the right conditions to create a win-win solution is part of ZEBRA INSURANCE SOLUTIONS’s philosophy.

We have the resources to manage the full range of aviation exposures by using the different in-house expertise’s and skills for each client providing a customized solution. For operators and owners, having the right insurance coverage and a strong representation in place is essential.

ZEBRA INSURANCE SOLUTIONS provides insurance brokerage services for aviation owners and operators throughout the world, with a special focus on Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Therefore, ZEBRA INSURANCE SOLUTIONS is a precious partner for Insurers, providing diversification with a specific risk exposure, thanks to a reliable identification of risk, and a proven capacity to mitigate such risk.

Whether arranging insurance covers for business jets, commercial airlines or helicopter fleets, ZEBRA INSURANCE SOLUTIONS can rely on an in-depth knowledge and an excellent understanding of aviation operations and risks.

ZEBRA INSURANCE SOLUTIONS is able to provide owners and operators with a Range of Innovative Solutions within the full spectrum of aviation risk:

  • Hull all and war risks insurance, commercial fleet and private aircraft
  • Third party liability
  • Reinsurance
  • Loss of license
  • Personal accident
  • Contingent and possessed hull and liability
  • Medical and rescue services
  • Ground service providers, repairers
  • Component manufacturers

We offer insurance protection on the ground and in the air, for passenger, cargo, operators, owners, leasing companies, banks…

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