Our Philisophy

Create value for Insurers and Insured parties

Whatever the area of operations and the size of the aircraft, ZEBRA INSURANCE SOLUTIONS can rely on a network of first class experts and partners.  We aim at representing aviation clients worldwide and providing access to the world’s premier Insurance networks

When owners and operators suffer a loss, it can be the most complex, high-profile and challenging situation. Our global network comprises the most experienced technical experts, claims administrators, and operational staff. Our duty is to get you back on track as soon as possible.

Our business requires long-term relationships with insurers with true knowledge of the aviation ecosystem. ZEBRA INSURANCE SOLUTIONS is dedicated, committed and experienced in aviation and only trusts stable relations to keep all parties protected.

Relying on our technical knowledge, we are able to provide multi-year and multi-line solutions in a long-term efficiency. Our knowledge means we look forward to providing our clients with innovative and flexible solutions in order to avoid any business interruption.

Thanks to ZEBRA INSURANCE SOLUTIONS, Insurance companies can gain access to a pool of controlled and identified risk on a very specific segment. Synergies are immediate, and there is a unanimous acknowledgment of better understanding of Insurance Services and Expectations from all parties.


Why operators & Insurance companies choose

Owners and operators benefit from a dedicated, experienced and committed team who supports and understands them.

Owners and operators get a timely and personalized claim handling and support so that they are promptly settled.

ZEBRA INSURANCE SOLUTIONS partners with major insurance companies, selected for their financial strength and real innovative subscription capacity. ZEBRA INSURANCE SOLUTIONS offers them access to a new customer basis for most cases.

The Company offers a Pragmatic approach of risk: it must be controlled, priced, and accepted. As a commercial arm service for insurers, ZEBRA INSURANCE SOLUTIONS has the skills to convey Insurer’s message and concerns, and will make its upmost to find a solution to every situation, keeping and expanding its customer basis for insurers and enabling operators and customers to reach their destinations.

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